MIME application/x-java-jnlp-file

When the MIME subtype of an application is “x-java-jnlp-file” it indicates that this contains JavaWS Files, popularly known as Java Web Start.

Encoding Type – X in the subtype stands for an unregistered standard with MIME as IANA (Internet Assigned Number Authority) which manages RFC or Request For Comments under which all the MIME applications register.

Where is x-java-jnlp used?

Java Web start is a programming framework developed by Sun Microsystems and it allows the user to set up fully featured java applications on the web server using your web browser. Here Java applications are programs written using the Java platform or JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Javaws doesn’t run inside the browser like a java applet but instead runs on the web server.

The advantage of Javaws is that the compatibility issues with java plugins for the browser and mismatch of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) versions are overcome. The disadvantage of this is that the developer cannot communicate with the web browser directly.

The Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) is the protocol which is responsible to launch the Javaws. JNLP has a set of defined rules which help in implementing the launching mechanism. JNLP files usually consist of the jar file package location and the main class name. If the browser is configured correctly then the browser passes the file to JNLP which in turn passes it on to the JRE and finally the program gets downloaded and executed on the user’s system.

The Java Web start is not allowed to access to most of the core system resources like local files and core windows files. This again can be manipulated by the designer as per the requirement.

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How to Open httpd-php5 MIME Application Files?

jnlp type of MIME application file can be opened using an of the popular web browsers and also JDK software provided by Sun Microsystems.

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